72 Hoorain Review- Mumbai, Maharashtra | Police personnel deployed at the residence and office of filmmaker Ashoke Pandit after he reportedly received threats over his film 72 Hoorain.

The movie review of 72 Hoorain revolves around the global impact of terrorist incidents. How do people get trapped in its web and lose themselves in misguided beliefs? How do they become willing to end their own lives to take others’? The film delves into such questions, illuminating them with a thought-provoking narrative. 72 Hoorain primarily serves as a contemplative film, approached with directness in its treatment.

How are those who promote terrorism in the name of Jihad succeeding in their intentions? What kind of temptations do they offer innocent people to make them extremists? They influence them with their ideology, making them believe that their devotion to God leads to the destruction of their own lives. They become prepared to become terrorists. “72 Hoorain”

The film “72 Virgins,” directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, attempts to explore such controversial questions. It focuses on how Pakistan-sponsored terrorism is misleading people.

The story is shown from the perspective of two terrorists. This film strikes at the reasons behind becoming a terrorist. The notable thing is that it does not hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. The film is predominantly black and white. “72 Hoorain”

The story from the perspective of two deceased terrorists: The beginning of “72 Virgins” revolves around the teachings of Maulana Sadiq (Rashid Naz). He tells his followers that the path they have chosen for Jihad will directly lead them to paradise. In paradise, they will be rewarded with 72 virgins as a gift. They will possess the power of forty people. From there, the story moves to Mumbai. “72 Hoorain”

Hamid (Pawan Malhotra) and Bilal (Aamir Bashir) discuss terrorist activities. Without keeping the audience waiting, the director makes it clear that both have died in the Mumbai blasts. The wandering souls of both are waiting for the arrival of the 72 virgins. Their patience is tested when they don’t receive any of the virgins. “72 Hoorain”

They believe that the gates of paradise have not opened for them because their funeral prayer was not offered. They spend 169 days in this state. During this time, both souls come face to face with the truths. The story revolves around how they come to understand their own truth.

How are innocent people brainwashed? The depiction of how innocent people are lured onto the path of terrorism is done appropriately. In one scene, the sight of Bilal struggling to answer the questions of an unborn child is poignant. Similarly, the true essence of religion is beautifully portrayed. “72 Hoorain”

Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s intention and purpose behind making the film are commendable. He refrains from unnecessary rhetoric. The film showcases glimpses of Hakim’s love, but it doesn’t provide much information about Bilal’s perspective. There is a slight lack in portraying the surroundings around him.

The film showcases the disturbing scenes of destruction and the aftermath of explosions, portraying the horrifying aspect of terrorism that shakes the soul. It depicts the pain of the deceased through the eyes of a girl. The mother of the girl who attempts suicide on the railway tracks tells her that suicide is forbidden. “72 Hoorain”

The subsequent debate between the two terrorists is logical and intellectually stimulating. In this predominantly black-and-white film, cinematographer Chirantan Das effortlessly captures the faces and emotions of terrorism.

Pawan Malhotra’s excellent acting: Pawan Malhotra is an accomplished actor. He portrays Hakim’s emotions, greed, and despair with great sincerity. Aamir Bashir portrays the emotions and remorse of a terrorist with intense conviction. This 1 hour 20 minutes film presents a serious subject with courage. “72 Hoorain”

Finally, the film concludes with a verse from the Quran stating that the murder of one innocent person is equivalent to the murder of all humanity. The film indirectly delivers a message that terrorism can never bring happiness. It can only inflict pain. Happiness exists not in paradise but in this life. “72 Hoorain”

Cast: Pawan Malhotra, Aamir Bashir, and others.

Director: Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Rating: 4.5 stars.

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